Slovenian Business Delegation visit to Istanbul on 25 September 2018

Turkish-Slovenian Business Forum was held at DEİK/ River Plaza on 25 September 2018  in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS), the Public Agency SPIRIT Slovenija, the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Ankara with a Slovenian business delegation visit focusing on the field of medicine and health tourism. The Slovene delegation was represented by 10 Slovenian companies, while on the Turkish side about 50 representatives of companies and institutions attended the event.

The Forum started with the opening speeches. In the opening speech, the host, Chairman of the DEİK Turkey-Slovenia Business Council Mr. Zahit Sağlık, emphasized the importance of the long-standing partnership between the GSZ and DEIK in the context of economic cooperation between the two countries. Mr. Başar Arıoğlu, the Honoray Consul General of the RS in Istanbul and Vice-President of the DEİK Turkish – Slovenian Business Council recalled in his speech that Turkish-Slovenian Business Council was established in 1997 with the main purpose of which is to strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries. He underlined the importance of general business delegations organized during high political visits, while highlighting the opportunities offered by sectoral delegations.


Slovenian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Igor Jukic emphasized the good and friendly relations between the countries, which can be further upgraded with strengthened business ties.  The Ambassodor mentioned that  Slovenia is the only country among the SE Europe countries that recorded the highest turnover with Turkey (almost EUR 1 billion). He added that the cooperation in the field of tourism, investments, as well as study exchanges under the Erasmus + program have also enhanced the relations.

The Chairman of the GZS Slovenia-Turkey Business Council Mr. Ante Milevoj and Mr. Matej Rogelj, presented the business and investment environment in Slovenia and briefly presented the participating companies on the Slovenian side.

The forum succesfully ended with B2B meetings.